Aureus Finanse - dostarczamy rozwiązania optymalne dla Twojego biznesu

Aureus finanse jest częścią grupy Aureus, która działa na polskim rynku finansowym od 2007 roku.
Troszcząc się o bezpieczeństwo podatkowe naszych klientów, zapewniamy nie tylko kompleksową obsługę księgową,
ale również doradztwo prawno-podatkowe oraz obsługę kadrowo-płacową.
Nasz zespół zdobywał doświadczenie pracując dla międzynarodowych korporacji,
dzięki temu potrafimy działać w sposób kompleksowy,
zapewniając przy tym indywidualne podejście do każdego Klienta.

Why us?

The entire accounting offer in one place

Professional consultancy and payment consulting


Always current information on the level of costs and surpluses of tax

What services we offer?



We offer full accounting services, including preparation of financial and stock exchange reports, tax settlements and all activities covering our clients' obligations to offices and institutions.


Staff and payrolls

We provide comprehensive support for payroll calculations and human resources administration and prepare legal declarations and reports as required by law. The scope of the proposed services may also include assistance in the payment of wages to employees 'or relevant institutions'.


Tax consultancy

Comprehensive assistance in solving tax problems and rationalization of liabilities.


Legal advice

Mergers and acquisitions, contracts, relations between employers and employees, functioning in a competitive market - all these aspects of business require skillful consideration of legal issues. Our lawyers are experienced experts combining knowledge of law with experience in its application in business.

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Customers who trusted us

The Aureus Finanse company showed great professionalism and great service in managing the tax affairs of our company. We also highly value consultancy in the field of tax optimization and an individual approach to our business.

Damian Smażyk   cytat    

Owner of Dam-Pol


We have working with Aureus for several years and I can recommend their services without a doubt. Daniel is an extremely competent and always available when we have any questions. We have full confidence in all financial advice given to my company.

Marceli Grochocki     cytat    

Owner of Car-Deluxe

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